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Qualifications Training (Certificate, Diploma, Advanced Diploma)


Various Certificate IV, Diploma and Advanced Diploma Courses


LearnCorp Training Pty Ltd is not a Registered Training Organisation (RTO). However, we have auspices agreements with some of Australia’s most reputable RTO’s, business schools and colleges and offer over 30 qualifications in partnership with these RTO’s.


The courses on offer under the auspices agreements include:


Certificate IV


Advanced Diploma


There are over 30 qualifications to choose from and each has certain terms and conditions that we will be glad to share with you. Qualification courses have a range of regulator requirements that need to be fulfilled including a specific application form completion process and entry requirements. For a detailed discussion, please feel free to contact one of our consultants.


LearnCorp Training Pty Ltd is not a Registered Training Organisation (RTO). However, we work with a range of RTO’s across all Australian states to deliver qualifications in a range of areas. These are listed below.

Special Terms and Conditions apply to these courses, so please contact us directly for information pertinent to any qualifications that interest you.


The qualifications offered by our partner RTO’s are from CIII to Advanced Diploma level.


Please contact us for further details.


LearnCorp Training and National Qualifications


We are a corporate training company and consequently our courses do not lead to qualifications. We are not a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), however, we do work with a wide array of RTO’s who do offer qualifications in a range of subject matter areas. We have listed these in this catalogue and will be glad to provide you with relevant details if you are interested in a particular course. There are various terms and conditions that apply to qualification courses, so we recommend you contact us for a discussion to assist you in ascertaining the course relevance to your needs, prior to enrolling.


Seven Different Learning Delivery Modes to Choose from


Online, Bit-sized MOOC, In-Class, Distance and Blended Sessions Available


At LearnCorp, we understand that professionals are busy and that it is sometimes hard to get out of the office for a whole day to undertake training. This is why many of our courses are offered in seven (7) different modes, each designed to satisfy the needs of learning, convenience and pricing. Our modes of delivery are:


Online via our Learning Management Systems (LMS)


We have a Moodle-based Learning Management Systems (LMS) that provides trainees with 24 x 7 access to learning materials, assessments, exercises and discussion forums. Our materials are SCORM compliant and allow the trainee time to learn, apply and test their knowledge with support from the trainer.


Bit-Sized MOOC (Massive Open Online Learning)


We also provide many of our courses in a MOOC format, whereby learners watch “Bit-Sized” videos and content at their convenience and subsequently apply tests to their learned skills, providing flexibility in both timing and application of learning.


In Class Delivery at Our Premises


All our courses are offered in a face-to-face, in-class environment for learners wishing to interact with others and wanting to receive training from a trainer in a face to face to environment. Our training runs in every Australian Capital City in the Central Business District (CBD).


In Class Delivery at Client Premises


We are able to train in class at our clients preferred premises in any location in Australia or New Zealand or at any one of the cities in which we train regionally.


Distance Learning


For trainees who prefer not to attend class and do not have easy access to the internet or who prefer to receive phone support and to read materials sent by post, we are able to run most of our courses in Distance Learning Mode. We run these sessions by posting hard copies of materials to the learner and providing them with phone and email support during the learning process.


Blended Learning


This mode allows for a combination of more than one of the modes above in a bespoke format that provides the maximum learning impact and flexibility.


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