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What are the basic terms and conditions relating to cancellation?

We thank you for reviewing our courses and would like to highlight some basic terms and conditions pertaining to our offering. A full set of Terms and Conditions is available on our web site under “Downloads” at www.LearnCorp.com.au. When enrolling in a course, the enrolment is subject to those terms.

The details of our courses are subject to change without prior notice and the information presented regarding each course is indicative only. Course contents and other details may change and may not be suitable to your needs, so we encourage you to contact us for a brief discussion of the course content prior to enrolment. We do not warrant any particular outcome from attending the course and all our courses are for general, educational purposes only. Professional advice may need to be sought with regard to specific subject matter or outcomes.

We understand that your diary may change, so if you are unable to attend a course and wish to cancel, we will provide you with a full refund of your payment provided you give us 14 calendar days written notice. If we receive your notice up to 7 calendar days prior to the course starting, we will refund you 50% of the course fees. Cancellations or non-attendance made less than 7 calendar days prior to the course starting, will, unfortunately, not be eligible for a refund. Transfers are generally not possible unless we agree to the transfer upfront and at our discretion.

We take your privacy seriously and will only use the information you provide us to enroll you in a course or to contact you regarding the course.

We thank you for considering LearnCorp Training as your training and development partner and look forward to being of service.


The full Terms and Conditions are downloadable from the "downloads" section of our web site (www.LearnCorp.com.au).

Are there entry requirements for your courses? Answer: Our courses are generally open to anyone wishing to learn. Some courses will be at advanced levels and this will be stated on the training brochure. For this type of training, prior experience and a certain level of skill is required. We recommend that you contact us for further details if in doubt. For qualification courses delivered under the auspices of an RTO (LearnCorp is not an RTO), there are specific requirements for each course including certain literacy and numeracy requirements. For these courses, it is a requirement to comply with these conditions. In enrolling in these qualification courses, we and the RTO assume honesty in your dealings with us with regards to your skills. We may request further details from you for verification purposes.

Does LearnCorp issue qualifications? Answer: LearnCorp is not a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), so we do not issue qualifications. Rather, we provide corporate training that comes with a LearnCorp Certificate of Attendance. Our courses are designed to enhance the skills of the learner and to improve business practice, productivity and results. We also work with several RTO's in Australia whose courses are delivered under their auspices and that do lead to a qualification that is issued by the RTO itself to participants who are competent in the requirements of the course.

What are the minimum and maximum class sizes? Answer: Most courses will not run unless we have a minimum acceptable number of enrolments, which in most cases is seven (7) participants. The maximum number of trainees in most classes is eighteen (18), though in some specific courses, the enrolment numbers may be allowed to get to twenty five (25) as the training is often conducted in working group formats in those particular topics.

What documents do I receive as part of the course? Answer: Every course comes with a Learner Workbook (a booklet that is around 30 to 70 pages in size), Case Studies and in some cases Working Templates. Every successful participant in our corporate training courses also receives a LearnCorp certificate of attendance. In certain specialist courses there are also further materials provided.

Where is your training centre? Answer: We train in 5 cities in Australia, but our head office is at 131 York Street in Sydney (NSW 2000). We also train in the Asia Pacific region, the United States and EMEA (Europe, Middle East and North Africa).

Do you train in the evening or on weekends? Answer: Yes, we train almost every week of the year except for the last two weeks of December and the first week of January of every year. We train during the day, in the evening and on weekends. This allows flexibility and is employee friendly.

Is the training only in a classroom environment or do you also train online? Answer: Our courses run in 3 different modes: in the classroom or by distance (we send you hard copies of the materials by post and follow up with you by email, phone and/or other online communications methods), or online. Our online courses run from our Learning Management System (LMS), a state of the art online classroom where material access, interactions with the trainer and with the rest of the class and the learning process occurs in a secure, password-accessible online environment.

Is LearnCorp Training Pty Ltd a Registered Training Organisation? Answer: LearnCorp is not a Registered Training Organisation (RTO). We are a corporate training company, but we work with RTO's in certain areas of speciality, whereby we train under the auspices of the RTO that issues the qualification.

Does LearnCorp Training Pty Ltd have terms and conditions? Answer: Yes, these are available on the "Downloads" page on this web site and must be read prior to engaging any of our services.

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LearnCorp Training today announced it had been selected to provide coprorat

LearnCorp Wins Corporate Governance Training Contract

LearnCorp Training today announced it had been selected to provide coprorat

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