Our Services

LearnCorp provides training, development, education and human capital services to corporations, organisations, governments and individuals.

Our services include:

Corporate Training, Learning and Assessment

We broadly cover the areas of Business, Technology, Governance, Management, Commerce, Soft Skills, Change Management and an array of specific technical and operational skills. Our course list is a testament to our broad understanding of these areas and our development model is pragmatic and relevant.

We ensure that each program takes a broad set of circumstances and stakeholders into account. This helps avoid delays and ensures expectations of trainee, organisation and training process are met. We also take the specific circumstances and learning needs of the individual into account and adapt our training style accordingly.

Learning Meets Corporate Success: LearnCorp- Australia’s Bespoke Training and Development Provider

Training and development in the coming year will be vital for individual and business success. The current state of the local and international economies provides a compelling reason for individuals to invest in themselves and for businesses to invest in their teams. Ensuring business challenges are addressed can be easier when combining business and commercial solutions with trained, competent, attentive teams.

LearnCorp is at the heart of business, government and commerce in providing training solutions not for the sake of training, but for the sake of better organisational outcomes. LearnCorp Training Pty Ltd is an Australian training and development company based in Sydney with operations in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide, Perth and Darwin. We also provide services in the Asia Pacific region, in mainland China and in the Middle East and North Africa.

At LearnCorp our founders have a rich heritage in business, commerce and industry combined with the academic rigour that comes from teaching some of Australia’s top management programmes. This is entrenched in hands on, practical training in some of the world’s most challenging environments in service industries, retail, business, technology, mining, industry, agriculture, heavy machinery and in the complexities of banking and finance and the intricacies of training government employees.

LearnCorp trainers are, without exception, industry experts: practical, results-driven professionals who understand people, process and outcomes.

Our training and development programmes are designed with one goal in mind: to solve business problems, improve productivity and achieve desired outcomes in a balanced, effective way. The programmes we run are designed in-house to suit specific training needs. The programmes are an array of business, management, team building, sales, customer service, change management, finance and operational topics. From building a bid response to constructing a sales campaign, our training is hands on, wholesome, results-driven and people-oriented