21 Jun,2014

Competition Policy and Business

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Competition Policy and Business by LearnCorp Training Pty Ltd


  • Governments encourage competition
  • Competition is good for an economy
  • Higher competition leads to higher efficiency of firms
  • Competition must occur in an environment of equal opportunity for all participants


Issues Addressed by Competition Policy:


  • Consumer protection
  • Resource allocation
  • Market power
  • Microeconomic reform
  • Impacts of government


Regulatory Efficiency (RE)


RE refers to the efficiency with which a government can regulate a market. Too much regulation is too inefficient, too little is ineffective.


Guidelines for RE:


  • Written rules are a must
  • Consultation with interest groups
  • Alternatives to regulation must be explored (e.g. codes of conduct)
  • Setting an expiry date on the regulation will allow reviews to occur (good)
  • Scrutiny of regulation is important




Too much regulation may lead to firms cooperating with one another (against the regulation) rather than competing with one another. This is called co-opetition (blurring the edges or complementarities)



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