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Financials for Small Business

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Financials for Small Business


The discussion is open on any one of the following topics with our small business management trainers. Please contact us on for a discussion of these topics.


Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Statement


  • Importance of balance sheet
  • How balance sheet and profit & loss statement work
  • Using the balance sheet and the P&L to decide on business purchases



Cash Flow


  • Cash flow is vital for small business
  • Cash flow means “cash in” and “cash out”
  • As your experience in business increases you are able to more accurately forecast cash flow


Accounts Payable and Receivable


  • Accounts payable and accounts receivable are liabilities and assets, respectively
  • Pay attention to the accounts receivable component of your books and shorten time




  • Financing can be obtained from banks, venture capital firms and other seed capital firms
  • Certain small grants are available from government especially for exports




  • The concept of depreciation
  • How depreciation impacts your business


Record Keeping:


  • Maintaining records as a matter of good business practice

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