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Environment and Corporate Culture in SME's

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Environment and Corporate Culture in SME’s


By LearnCorp Training Pty Ltd


The culture of a business represents the beliefs system of that firm and how these are manifested in employee behaviours, product designs and stakeholder management including the methods of training and the type of learning environment.


The culture of a firm covers several significant areas including:

Team Cohesion, Customer Service Culture, Ethics in Business, Corporate social responsibility


This edition’s short note is on Team Cohesion.


Team Cohesion


Team members can create a synergistic output at work when the team is cohesive. Negative team sentiment, on the other hand, can create productivity declines, challenges and ultimately a loss of value.


Team members are varied in their skill sets and capabilities. The role of management is to preserve and enhance the value of each team member through understanding their areas of priority and abilities. The table below identifies several personality types in a common business environment. Good teams work well by using the strengths of each team member.


Learning Type

Job Skills

Action oriented:

This type of individual likes to be fully involved and is a visible team member who learns through experience

  • Dealing with a variety of work
  • Understanding tasks with a short-term payoff
  • Challenging projects


This type likes to be able to think about experiences and learns by observing, analysing and reflecting on what has happened

  • Research, preparation and reading
  • Producing reports
  • Reviewing opportunities


This team member gathers and reviews ideas, concepts and principles and learns by integrating these into a framework for action

  • Setting objectives and developing systems
  • Teaching others
  • Analysing best practice


This type of individual likes to test out principles in practice and learns by trial and error

  • Drawing up action plans
  • Suggesting short cuts
  • Coming up with solutions to problems


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