About Us

LearnCorp Training is a corporate training, development and human resources skills company based in Sydney with national operations. The history of our establishment is one of success starting from humble beginnings. Our first venture into training, educaton and development was in 1999 as trainers working for a government business improvement program in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. With time, our passion for training caught the eye of a corporate training company in Sydney’s West. Our founder was asked to train Australia’s largest logistics company and then its largest motor vehicle manufacturer. This led to more work delivering sessions to Australia’s largest bank and its major airline, main utility company, largest airport, most successful biotechnology company and the largest trucking company in the country. Tens of other companies joined the list. With time, we developed our own training style- hands on, practical, friendly and flexible. Our clients loved the approach.

From entry level call centre staff in an insurance company, to the Board of Directors of an association, we deliver training with true passion. Our founder still trains and assess despite the demands of managing the business. This commitment to education and training is characteristic of all our hand-selected trainers.

Our good fortune, hard work and a bit of luck have allowed us to train a diverse selection of companies and industry leading firms in manufacturing, retail, pharmaceuticals, supply chain management, communications, tourism and finance. Today, we run LearnCorp as a down to earth Australian training company that inherits the spirit of sound training based on the knowledge and skills of our team. Today we train in almost every segment of the economy in class sizes ranging from specialist 5-trainee workshops to class sizes exceeding 20 participants in some of our sales training programs.

As Grayson Kirk, ex-President of Columbia University in the US once noted: “The most important function of education at any level is to develop the personality of the individual and the significance of his life to himself and to others. This is the basic architecture of a life; the rest is ornamentation and decoration of the structure”.

We hope we can be of service and welcome you to visit our web site or drop in for a coffee at our York Street Sydney office.

Our Approach to Training and Development

Training and Development today is the foundation of good business, a rewarding career and social growth. Prevailing economic conditions mean that up-skilling, re-skilling and skills development are sound decisions for companies, organisations and individuals alike.

LearnCorp Pty Ltd is a progressive Australian training and development company. Dedicated to three basic principles, it provides solid, down to earth corporate and individual training and skills enhancement services. Our training covers a broad spectrum of jobs and organisational positions from entry-level to senior executive development.


We deliver courses, seminars and workshops face to face, online, by distance and in blended format. LearnCorp Training Pty Ltd is not a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), but a corporate training company. We work with some of Australia’s foremost Registered Training Organisations (RTO’s) in the delivery of specialised qualifications from Certificate III to Advanced Diploma levels under the auspices of those RTO's. We are  specialists in education, training and development of firms, government departments, not for profit organisations and individuals.

The three principles we propagate in our training and development are:

Training for a purpose: to improve productivity, results and people's desire to do a good job while enjoying work.
Training at an affordable price the corporation or the individual find value for money in. The affordability of our courses has its roots embedded in our belief that the economic cost of training has to be attractive for it to be considered. Training is often viewed as a discretionary expense. While we challenge this view, we also put our money where our mouth is. Our courses are sensibly priced.

Training with the human element. We believe that good work behaviours, good productivity and a desire to enjoy work exist in everyone. We "massage" these characteristics through training to bring out the best in a person. Our courses- even the complex ones- are fun, interactive and provide a great balance between learning and being comfortable with ones skills. We train practically so the learner can apply what they have learnt.

We hope you will find the information on this web site useful.

About us
LearnCorp Training Pty Ltd is an Australia-based corporate training and education company delivering services in Australia, New Zealand, the Asia Pacific, North America, and the EMEA Region (Europe, Middle East and Africa).

Our business philosophy is that education, training and development should positively impact the life of the trainee or attendee, help them enhance their career and help their organisation.

We seek to ensure three principles are adhered to in our training services. Training for results; training at the right price and making learning fun and results-driven for employee and employer.

We train corporations, businesses, organisations, government and individuals to improve productivity, morale, specific technical skills, managerial outputs, team effectiveness and business results. Our approach is practical, fun and uses the strengths of the individual employee.

LearnCorp's heritage goes back to 1999, when in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney a small educational consultancy was born. Since then, the business has flourished and its services have expanded to over 20 countries. In 2010 we commenced re-aligning the business units to specific training areas.  The result is that LearnCorp Training, the name, is a newly established (2011) Australian private company based in Sydney, Australia.

Our founders have trained, assessed and developed training materials for 18 years and have owned and managed training and educational businesses for the last 15 years. We have also managed medium and large enterprises and understand business imperatives all too well.

The biographies of our trainers are noteworthy. Over 16 hand-selected trainers with some of Australia's best qualifications and experience deliver with passion and integrity. They are engaged to suit each individual assignment. In our offshore training, we use a blend of Australian and international trainers and can deliver courses and materials in a range of languages. Our international trainers are at the pinnacle of their respective subject matter and industry. All our trainers are able to travel and deliver programs at your premises and are seasoned practitioners professionally, culturally and administratively.

Most of our courses run for one to two days and focus on achieving business outcomes, skills development and improved results for employee and employer. Most of our longer training programs, usually for government organisations or larger corporations, run for a week or more.

We find solutions through training and development, but also consult on human resource change management. We write procedures manuals, train trainers and develop specific materials and assessments on request. Our speciality is adult education for business and social outcomes and we travel Australia-wide and globally to deliver our programmes with passion.


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